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lawn mowing service

Lawn Maintenance


Season MARCH through DECEMBER

Typically visit properties monthly throughout winter


Service includes Mowing, Trimming, Blowing off walks and drives, and picking up debris as needed 


Average price varies depending on property size and are serviced on a weekly basis during growing season 


Inclement weather and unsatisfactory cutting conditions can affect cut time/date 

landscape services virginia beach

Landscape Maintenance


Service includes hedge trimming, weeding, leaf clean up, tree trimming up to 15ft, general landscape clean up


Prices are based on per hour for 2 laborers 1-hour minimum unless client is on a weekly lawn maintenance plan


Lawn leaf debris bagged or stacked in 4x4 piles on street no charge


Debris hauling is offered per dump trailer load

mulching services


Mulch is priced, delivered, and installed by the cubic yard. 

Contact us for an estimate 


Pre emergent can be applied under mulch to prevent weeds from germinating before mulch install 


All flowerbed preparation will be billed as landscape maintenance separate from mulch installation

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